lung heiko - expert for organic farming at csf chiang mai
lung heiko - expert for organic farming at csf chiang mai

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Volunteers at the Children's Shelter Foundation

Please note: we will not take volunteers until 2024

If you are interested in an internship in our project, then we should get to know one another better, so that we can decide together whether the Children's Shelter Foundation is the right place for you



First, some information and requirements


Duration of an internship:                                        at least 3 month

Age of Volunteers:                                                    at least 18 years

Language requirements:                                           English

Your contribution for accommodation and meals:  8.000 THB per month


Your field of activity:  Working with children and/or young people

                                    Teaching, leisure activities, childcare

                                    Support or assistance in the area of young people's training

                                    Paricipation in festivals and ceremonies

                                    Regular work such as cooking, gardening, cleaning day etc., alongside the children and youngsters

                                    Help with renovation work, project preparation, etc.  

                                    Own volunteer projects such as sport, music, dance etc. 


Seperately from an internship, there is also the opportunity to hold a one-day or several-day workshop.

The areas are diverse and range from music, art, dance, yoga, theatre to crafts, cooking, sewing and even organic farming or recycling. We ask that any costs incurred are borne by you. 



Volunteer in a forgeign country

Teamwork with our Thai teachers and educators requires a great deal of flexibility, adaptability and openness.

Their approach to life, their way of thinking, their educational goals and the implementation of these, their way of working

and much more are fundamentally different from those within our western system. 

Perfectionism, for example, meets with incomprehension in Thailand, whereas joie de vivre and fun cannot be ignored. 


At first, there will be many things that you don't understand and some things that you will think need getting used to or that you think may even be wrong. Use this opportunity to look at your own way of thinking and to be open to new ways of living. 


With patience, the ability to adapt to new people and situations and a good helping of humour, you will soon be immersed in the Thai culture and mentality and find your firm place as "sister/brother or aunt/uncle" in our extended family.


If you are flexible and can imagine mucking in with everyday life, you are most welcome to join us. The children will take your heart

by storm and you will soon be talking about "our children" and "our project" and be doing everything possible to enrich the lives

of the children in some small way.

                              ... and precisely that is the goal.


If you would also like to travel around Thailand, please plan a fixed time for travel and a fixed time for being a volunteer.

Doing both at once is not possible. 



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