my future at csf chiang mai thailand, aid project for children and youngsters from the hilltribes
my future at csf chiang mai thailand, aid project for children and youngsters from the hilltribes

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The Children's Shelter Foundation 

River Farm

Children's Aid Project for children and young people from NorthThailand and the Hilltribes



Headquarter: Chiang Mai, Thailand

Foundation: 2006

Founder and President: Ulrike Meister

NGO projekt with registered foundation

Target group: children and young people from the Mountain Villages, North Thailand and the Border Myanmar



Why a project for children and young people 

The hardship in many mountain villages of Northern Thailand and Myanmar is still considerable.

The various mountain peoples are among the ethnic minorities of Thailand. As Non-Thai Nationals, they usually have

no legal status, and thus few rights or none at all. 

Drug trafficking and drug addiction and the associated neglect or negligent treatment of their children are still sad themes in many regions. 

But also Thai Nationals are affected.
We work closely with the Child and Youth Inspectorate and Courts in Chiang Mai. Especially children from very difficult family backgrounds, children with abnormalities and trauma are placed in our foundation.



The children and young people vulnerability have different causes

Inequality of opportunity through a lack of rights

Exposure to poverty or neglect

Exposure to abuse

Drug problems of single families or whole villages or areas

Children without parents (orphans, unwanted children, children of deported or imprisoned parents)

Children with untreated acute and chronic diseases - as fare as we are able to support them / depending on the diseasees


About us


Under the supporting roof of a motley extended family, children and adolescents live with their teachers, educators, and caregivers in a loving and protected home, grow in their daily, age-appropriate tasks in the community, and receive individually adapted school and vocational training. Guiding young adults out into their own lives and a door open for life complete the concept.


Curative education and modern psychology

Curative education and modern psychology 

We are advocates of curative education and modern psychology to be able to support the personality development of each child in the best possible way with competence and educational tools in the education of children. We are anxious to live modern approaches from curative education and psychology in our institution and to arrange living together according to pedagogical points of view. 


Together with people from our networks we teach and spread basic knowledge about Parenting, prevention of Grooming and Bullying, Children's Rights, caring for children with mental illness and trauma and supporting them in individual ways. Also spreading knowledge about treatments to reduce the amount of medications.


We form networks with like-minded organizations, children's rights organizations, lawyers in children's law and family law, professionals and experts from social professions, social workers, psychologists, and psychiatrists.

Together with people form our networks we are highly committed to our goal of offering qualified pedagogical (curative education) training courses for people in social professions.


Our ideology
We respect the dignity of every human being and live and respect these values with conviction.


Appreciative relationships

We respect and value our children, our colleagues and our employees and create a dignified, loving and creative living space. 
Our farm is our home. Our home is a place of encounter and development.
Guiding Values: Appreciation, mindfulness, warmth, respect, openness, non-violence, freedom from fear.


Appreciation of the environment, animals and nature

Responsible treatment of animals, plants and natural resources is an integral part of our life.   
In particular, our farm is also worthy of protection and preservation in this sense and serves equally as a living, learning and experiential space.





"Love * courage * hope

wings that carry a life long,

adapted education and strong life skills

along with a large dose of self-confidence.

That is our goal for each of our children."




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