Team Children's Shelter Foundation Thailand Chiang Mai
Team Children's Shelter Foundation Thailand Chiang Mai

Unser Team


Children's Shelter Foundation

114 Mo.9 Sun Phi Suea Muang Chiang Mai

50300 Chiang Mai


phone: 0066 53 854213


Ulrike Meister

Founder & President

CSF Thailand


(Management, Leadership)

Joy Thanin Hanfaifa

Founder & Deputy President

CSF Thailand


(Management, Leadership)

Sonja Neusser

First Board CSF Germany


(Administration, Sponsor Relation)

Phonphan Nantasomboon

Bpha Lek

General Manager

(Administration, Sponsoring, Teacher)

Patcharee Lekpimy

Pee Jarm

Project Manager

(Activities, Classroom without walls, Guest and Sponsor Relation)

Komsan Tongsamer

Kru Chey

Teacher for Youngsters and Children

Administration Assistent

Peeniti Rueangruchiphong

Kru Sanit

Tutor for practical Training Art & Handicraft 

Educator for Youngsters


Pee Sasiphan Supakul

Pee Nim

Educator Nursery, Teacher for Children

Wisalsak Kongphayung

Pee Ey

Janitor, Cook, 

Teacher for practical Training Electrical System

Noomie Roongaran Wong

Kru Noomie

Manager CSF Enterprice Tamarind Garden

Teacher for Youngsters

Teacher for Sign Language

(Kru Noomie is hard in hearing by himself, he speaks English and Thai)


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