CSF Project Information - Children's Aid Project Chiang Mai
CSF Project Information - Children's Aid Project Chiang Mai

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Living area - School Education - Learning for Life - Learning in Dual System - Vocational Training


Departments of the Children's Shelter Foundation



                 Living area


 Our extended family

Children & Young people


CSF provides a safe and loving home

with living quarters for children and young people, living rooms and dormitories, a large kitchen, a lounge area, playground, organic garden, hen house, dogs, cats and plenty of space

for activities.

Personal development, learning by heart and learning for life within the security of an extended family take centre stage.


The big ones help the little ones and each child has a "buddy", i.e. a big brother or a big sister who, along with the care workers, takes special care of this child. 

Everyone mucks in with everyday tasks. This is how even the smallest children learn how to cook, wash clothes, grow organic vegetables or look after the chickens.


Carers and teachers live with the children and young people in the project and are mother and father to the younger ones and trusted confidants and companions for the older ones. 


            Learning for Life


Classroom without walls

Courses & workshops


For all children and young people there are joint workshops and additional classes, in order to provide a comprehensive general education. Most teaching at CSF takes place not in the classroom, but outdoors. 

Arithmetic, biology and geography suddenly come alive, and are tangible and exciting. 

In accordance with the slogan "Classroom without Walls", young people work out the quantities of crops grown in the organic garden, keep chickens in a way appropriate to the species, write poems on signs in Thai and English and draw world maps in the sand.


In addition, a wide variety of courses are available and certificates can be gained. 

Art, Hip-Hop, zumba, yoga, guitar lessons, first aid, composting & EM, baking, cooking, massage, languages, personality training, theatre, bike workshop, building and repairing, traditional dance, sewing and much more. 





School & Non-Formal School

Children & Young people


School classes 1 - 6

Our children are taught individually according to their emotional needs and levels of achievement in our own classroom or in the nearby school. Many of our children need to learn the Thai  language first and catch up on their schooling because they have never attended school.


School and practical experience      

Non Formal Education classes 7 - 12

Our young people in classes 7 - 12 attend the public Non Formal School at the weekend.

Even without Thai nationality, they have the opportunity to take a school leaving certificate here.

They are taught in the mornings in the project's own classroom from Tuesday to Friday. Remedial teaching and general education takes place here. World politics, computing, languages and much more. In the afternoons, the young people have the opportunity to try out different areas of work and to gain their first work experience in the practical placement in the project they have chosen themselves.


          Organic & Beautiful


River Farm

let's learn about organic farming


               High Education


Vocational Training  University


University or College in the Dual System

After completing year 12 and passing the entrance exam, young people can study at Rajapath University or at the college, even without Thai nationality. Studies take place mainly at the weekend.

Depending on the field of study, the young people also complete a practical training programme at the training centre of the Children's Shelter Foundation from Monday to Friday and receive a appropriate training remuneration with this. 

Courses of study in the Dual System:


Hotel Management or the Tourism industry


Food and Nutrition or Food and Cooking

      Training Tamarind Garden Restaurant

Technology, Agriculture, Social Development

      Training in CSF practice groups


Thanks to this comprehensive practice-orientated training, our young people have excellent career prospects after completing university or college.

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