Godparenthood and Donation at CSF Thailand
Godparenthood and Donation at CSF Thailand

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Donation - Godparents

with your donation you help to change the future of the children


What opportunities are there for supporting CSF,

and will my donation arrive safely?


If you are interested in sponsorship or would like to support us with a donation, then it is important for you to know that

100% of your donation is being used for our children and young people in Thailand.

Because of a better coordination, donations made by bank transfer or PayPal are collected in Germany.

As we are a small association in Germany, that works exclusively with voluntary employees, and as we fund any expenses incurred in Germany privately, our bookkeeping is open and transparent. There is no expenditure in Germany!

100% of your donations are sent to Thailand every month. 

Information on legal form and registration in the register can be found here.

You are also welcome to check out our work in Thailand.

Many sponsors take the opportunity to combine a stay in Thailand with a visit to our Foundation. 



Donate now by PayPal

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Or make your Donation directly to one of our donation accounts

Children's Shelter Foundation Germany:

Children's Shelter e.V. Germany
Bank: Sparkasse Landsberg am Lech
Account Nr.  8 371 817
BLZ: 700 520 60
IBAN: DE28 7005 2060 0008 3718 17

Children's Shelter Foundation Thailand:

Bank:   Bangkok Bank Public CL
Mee Chok (Chiang Mai) Sub Branch 
Account Nr.  675 - 0 - 16437 - 5
Swift code:    BKKBTHBK

50000 Chiang Mai / Thailand



Invitation to become Godparents


By taking on a sponsorship for CSF, you have the opportunity to support a group of children or a group of young people on a regular basis with your monthly contribution.

Sponsorship secures, above all, primary care, school attendance and training for the children and young people. 

This includes food, clothing, hygiene articles, schoolbooks, school uniforms etc. 


Through regular donations you are making it easier for the Children's Shelter Foundation to make secure and calculable plans for the entire project.The decision to take in more children or start new projects is closely linked to the assurance of regular donations. 


What contributions can be selected?

Project Sponsoring:                  contributions are freely selectable, starting at 10 Euro/12 USD

Sponsoring all Children:           monthly contribution 45 Euro/60 USD

Sponsoring all Youngsters:       monthly contribution 45 Euro/60 USD

You can stop your sponsorship and your payment at any time without giving reasons. 


Godparents of the Children's Shelter Foundation will receive from us an official sponsor pass, our informative annual newsletter, the annual financial report, Christmas post and the opportunity to visit the children and young people here in Thailand. Contacts in Germany and Thailand are also available to you.  


If you are interested to become a godparent,  

you will find further information and a sponsorship application on this page to download.

Or contact Mrs. Sonja Neusser (Board of CSF Germany) in Germany, who will be happy to provide you with further information.

To the contact form


Thank you

   it's great that you are interested

  to take over a godparent hood


Do you want to get more involved?

and organise a celebration, a sponsored run or an information evening in favour of the Children's Shelter Foundation?

We are happy to support you with information material and flyers.


Please note: At public events, it is legally necessary to obtain the prior approval of the Children's Shelter Foundation.

If this authorisation is not available, we must assume that donations are being misused.



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