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Children's Shelter Foundation

284 Soi Thong Kao, 32 Rural Road

7096 Mo.2 Baan Pa Khoi Tai

Sun Phi Suea A.Muang 

50180 Chiang Mai


                      phone: +66 99463 9296



Ulrike Meister

Founder & President


Holger Blaschek

Managing Direktor

CSF Thailand



Patcharee Lekpimy

Pee Jarm

General Manager

(Administration, Leadership children, Guest and Sponsor Relation)

Sonja Neusser

First Board CSF Germany


(Administration, Sponsor Relation)

Rungtawan Loetphruekphana

Kru Ling

Psychologist and Teacher

Kriangkrai Kunnula

Pee Bow

Manager of the Organic Farm

Leader of the youngsters

Wisalsak Kongphayung

Pee Ey

Janitor, Cook, 

Teacher for practical Training Electrical System

Prathana Inthapanyo

Kru Nueng

Educator and Care Taker

Children and Kindergarten


Kru Gung

Educator and Care Taker

Children and Youngsters

Jarmjuree Suksawas

Kru Ning

Nurse and Teacher for Health and Hygiene






Pee Pah and Pee Geaw



Cooks CSF kitchen

Vegetable Garden





Lung Pan

Pee Bundit

Pha Par

Pi Aek


Farmers at our Organic Farm

Chicken House






Trainees in the Children's Shelter Foundation 


Leonie Phichsinee Meister

Pee Lien 

Trainee Management and Administration

CSF Thailand√

      Pee Luffy                

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